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Explosion Design Studio was founded in 2000 as a web development division of iXBT.com. Today our team includes more than 30 professionals that develop and support corporate websites of over 15 Russian and foreign companies.

We offer our customers an entire spectrum of Web services, from exclusively designed websites to marketing surveys and concepts of active business promotion in the Internet.

Included among our customers are Asustek, NVidia, Verysell, Sony, HP, Formula Kino, Karo Film, Buka, Hyundai, Mitsumi, Startmaster, Padi companies, Moscow city administration as well as a number of other major and minor companies involved in various activities.

Explosion Design Studio manages own dedicated servers with various operating and database management systems that provide maximum flexibility and efficiency of accomplishing customers’ tasks as well as round-the-clock technical support.

We always remember that in business life creativity doesn’t end in itself, but serves commercial purposes. Every project that we create is focused on maximum performance for the welfare of customer. We consider our work done, only if customers profit from projects we have created, if our solutions allow our customers to progress.

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